Nicolai Kamov started build his first rotor-winged aircraft in 1929, together with N.K.Skrzhinskij .
Up to the 40s, they created few more autogiros, including the only (in the World) armed one (A-7-3) that saw (limited) combat action.

Since then, the Kamov bureau is specialised on compact helicopters of coaxial scheme, suitable for naval service and high-speed operations.
The name designations (always begins with H) belongs to NATO


  • September 25, 1929 : KaSkr-I Gyrocraft

    The First Soviet Autogiro was designed by Kamov and Skrzhinskii. Based on Cierva models.

  • 1934 : A-7
    An autogiro
    primarly used
    for observation duties.
  • 1944 : Ka-8 Vertolet

    With his first truly helicopter, Kamov introduced the coaxial scheme that the bureau will still using up to present day.
    The Ka-8 was a single-seat helicopter with a 27 hp motorcycle engine, boosted to 45 hp by using alcohol for fuel.
    The rotor blades were made of reinforced wood.
    Three units built.
  • September 1949 : Ka-10 Hat

    The Hat was an improved Ka-8 with a 55 hp Ivchenko engine that can reach 90 km/h.
    The twin - tail was introduced in the Ka-10M
    12 units built.


  • Middle of the 80s : V-100

    A heavy attack helicopter project with a pusher propeller to exceed the speed of 400 km/h . it was to be armed with 3000 kg of bombs/rockets, two guns, and two anti-radar/anti-ship missiles Not built.


  • 1994 : Ka-62 / 62M ( 64 )
    Unique single main rotor operational helo by Kamov

    1994 : Ka-226

    Twin engine development of the Ka-126


  • 90s : Ka-37

    An unmanned coaxial helicopter developed with Daewoo of South Korea initially designed for agricultural tasks .
    Performances are a max weight of 250 kg ( 50 payload ), speed of 110km/h, and a flight duration about 45 minutes.

    1996 :

    Black Shark

    The Hokum
  • Ka-40

    The new helicopter for the Russian navy