China National South Aeroengine Co

The China National South Aeroengine Company (SAC) in Zhuzhou has developed and built six series of more than 20 engines types including WZ8A turboshaft for light helicopters, WJ6 turboprop for medium transports, WJ6G1 and WJ6G4 for industrial applications and seaplanes, HS6 for small transports and agricultural planes, and WS11 for preliminary trainers.
There is also a South Aeroengine and Manufacturing Co. (SAMG) in Zhuzhou.

Ivchenko AI-14
Zhuzhou Huosai HS-6

The first production Ivchenko AI-14 was qualified in 1947. Thousands have been built both for fixed wing and helicopter applications.
The AI-14 is still in production by the Vedeneyev design bureau (VMKB) as the M-14 making it the only radial engine still in production in the world (per Richard Goode Aerobatics' link below).

Zhuzhou (also spelt Quzhou) license built the AI-14 in China as the Huosai HS-6.


  • AI-14RA: 260 hp (194 kW)
  • HS-6A: 285 hp (212 kW)
  • M-14PF: 400 hp (298 kW)


  • Nine cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine
  • Displacement: 620 cubic inches (10.2 litres)
  • Bore x stroke: 105 x 130 mm

used by

  • Nanchang CJ-6
  • PZL 104 Wilga 35A
  • Yakovlev Yak-50