Delta flight 1141 was preparing to depart Dallas/Ft. Worth airport on the afternoon of August 31, 1988. The 727 was loaded with 108 people as it lined up for takeoff on runway 18L.

The takeoff began normally as the aircraft accelerated down the runway. Just after the aircraft rotated, it began to roll and stalled, dropping back to the ground. It slid along through the approach lights and came to rest nearly 3/4 mile from the end of the runway. A fire broke out on impact, killing 14 people.

......The Captain, who survived the crash, reported that the takeoff was normal until the point of rotation when he heard two loud bangs and deceleration. This was followed by what he reported as violent rolling. Recovery of the aircraft's FDR showed that neither the flaps nor the slats had been properly configured for takeoff. Because of this, the aircraft could not generate enough lift at the normal rotation airspeed. Readout of the CVR showed that the crew had been engaged in talk with the flight attendants prior to takeoff and had not ever completed the checklist. Ironically, the crew had even jokingly told the flight attendants that they were getting their voices on the CVR "in case we crash", so that investigators would have something to listen to. The aircraft has installed a system which warns of improper takeoff configuration, but the system apparently failed prior to the accident. Investigators also cited Delta's lack of proper crew checks and standardization procedures and the FAA's failure to enforce them.