13:40:29 PA-3 -- [announcement heard through both the CAM channel and the fourth CVR channel] *cates you have reached or are near the exit. the cabin has been pressurized for your comfort. if oxygen is ****, the compartment above your seat. reach up, pull down on the mask until the tubing is fully extended. place the mask over your nose and mouth, secure it with the elastic band and breathe normally. the oxygen bag may not appear to inflate, however, oxygen is flowing. for those of you traveling with small children, adjust your mask first and then assist the child. and passenger seat cushions on this aircraft may be used as a flotation device and detailed instructions may be found on the safety information card. smoking is not permitted at any time while on board this aircraft. also, federal law *tampering, disabling, or destroying these detectors **lavatory. your compliance with all crew *structions, all placards, light seat belt and no smoking signs, is required. also keep in mind, due to possible interference with navigational or communications systems, the following electronic devices may not be used during takeoff or landing. portable compact disk players, portable computers, and cellular phones which should be in the off position and stowed. now in preparation for takeoff, please fasten your seatbeit, return your seatback and tray tables to the full upright and locked position. your carry-on luggage must be stowed in the overhead compartments or underneath the seat in front of you. on behalf of all ValuJet employees, we'd like to thank you for selecting us today. we hope you enjoy your flight.

13:40:41 CAM-2 {Sound of cough}

13:40:51 CAM [sound of several clicks]

13:41:17 CAM-1 below the line.

13:41:18 CAM-2 cleared to start?

13:41:19 CAM-1 received.

13:41:20 CAM-2 shoulder harness?

13:41:20 CAM-1 on.

13:41:21 CAM-2 parking brakes.

13:41:22 CAM-1 set.

13:41:23 CAM-2 fuel quantity

13:41:23 CAM 13:41:33 CAM-2 ignition?

13:41:33 CAM-1 on.

13:41:33 CAM-2 before start checklist complete.

13:41:48 CAM-3 do you want me to tell them *mention***information about connections

13:41:52 CAM-1 you can tell them as we get closer ***

13:41:56 CAM-2 oil pressure and N one.

13:41:57 PA-3 and ladies and gentlemen for those of you that are all concerned about your connections, captain Kubec just informed me as soon as we get a little bit closer to Atianta, we're able to re, relay *messages to them...

13:42:02 ALL [sound of increasing frequency similar to generator increasing in RPM]

13:42:08 ALL [beep sound similar to momentary power interruption to CVR]

13:42:08 PA-3 ...we'll give you more information as we get it. thank you.

13:42:18 CAM-1 they're going put a stop on us?

13:42:24 CAM-1 OK, we'll be ready in about two minutes

13:42:27 GND OK thanks

13:42:31 CAM-2 uuuuuh

13:42:37 CAM-1 -- ****

13:42:47 INT-4 -- ground to captain. set brakes please.

13:42:49 CAM -- [sound similar to parking breaks being set]

13:42:50 INT-1 -- brakes are set

13:42:51 INT-4 -- thank you

13:42:57 CAM-2 -- **... fuel

13:42:58 CAM -- [sound of increasing frequency similar to generator increasing in RPM]

13:43:00 CAM-2 thirty...five

13:43:05 CAM -- [sound of numerous clicks]

13:43:14 CAM -- [sound similar to two cabin chimes]

13:43:18 INT-? -- yeah

13:43:19 CAM-1 -- before taxi please

13:43:21 CAM-2 -- electrical panel?

13:43:23 CAM-1 -- set

13:43:23 CAM-2 -- ignition?

13:43:14 CAM-1 -- off

13:43:24 CAM-2 -- pitot static heat?

13:43:25 CAM-1 -- on

13:43:26 CAM-1 -- ice protection?

13:43:26 CAM-1 -- off

13:43:27 CAM-2 -- center tank pumps?

13:43:27 CAM-1 -- on

13:43:28 CAM-2 flight attendant signal?

13:43:28 CAM-1 given

13:43:29 CAM-2 air conditioning supply?

13:43:30 CAM-1 auto

13:43:30 CAM-2 door lights?

13:43:31 CAM-1 checked hydraulic pumps? are set, before taxi check list complete

13:43:34 CAM-1 OK, I'll pull up a little. zero two.

13:43:37 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

13:44:01 CAM-2 WINCO?

13:44:01 CAM-1 yes

13:44:22 CAM-1 clear**

13:44:23 CAM-2 clearance****

13:44:32 CAM-1 flaps five please we'll have to hold short of Zulu

13:44:36 CAM [sound of click similar to flap handle being moved]

13:44:41 CAM-1 single engine taxi, please

13:44:42 CAM-2 single engine

13:44:49 CAM-? ***

13:44:52 CAM-2 APU electric and air is set. air conditinioning uh, supply on the right side is HP off. air conditioning auto shutoff is override. ice protection number two is off. right pneumatic crossfeed open. number two fuel control level is off.

13:45:09 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

13:45:10 CAM [beep sound similar to momentary power interruption to CVR]

13:45:22 Zulu is way down by the end...OKaayy

13:45:31 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

13:45:34 CAM-1 before takeoff check

13:45:35 CAM-2 performance data & bugs, for a hundred and five thousand flaps five, V two one forty six

13:45:39 CAM-1 one forty six set and...

13:45:41 CAM-2 trim?

13:45:43 CAM-1 ...and uh, one point nine nine across

13:45:45 CAM-2 yeah

13:45:48 CAM-1 ...point nine nine set cross-checked

13:45:50 CAM-2 trim controls eight APU?

13:45:51 CAM-1 eight APU, set.

13:45:52 CAM-2 flaps and stats are five and a blue light?

13:45:54 CAM-1 five gauge blue light.

13:45:56 CAM-2 flight controls yaw damper?

13:45:57 CAM-1 yaw dampers on, bottoms are checked.

13:45:59 CAM-2 tops are checked, passenger briefing done ** to the line.

13:46:03 CAM-1 OK, um, let's see where do we go? three twenty two off Dolphin. it's a vector to Dolphin.... and I'll set three twenty two.

13:46:26 CAM-1 after WINCO it was where?\

13:46:27 CAM-2 [sound of coughing]

13:46:30 CAM-2 WINCO Lakeland Tallahassee. we gotta LaGrange six.

13:46:34 CAM-1 OK LaGrange OK Atlanta itself had decent weather. I'm sure it's (already) changed.... OK, five grand gets blocked.

13:46:49 CAM-2 yep, three three one forty.

13:46:51 CAM-1 the departure is?

13:46:55 CAM-1 OK...it's my takeoff, it's my abort, flaps are five, V one min is one thirty six. runway heading to five. if we lose on takeoff. depending which runway we go on, we'll uh, do a visual back down the runway.

13:47:09 CAM-2 OK, if we go off fou*uh, twelve then I think it's four hundred feet.

13:47:12 CAM-1 right, to come back, OK***

13:47:13 CAM-2 four hundred feet.

13:47:14 CAM-1 alright.

13:47:16 CAM-1 uh, when we're about number three tor takeoff, we'll start number two.

13:47:19 CAM-2 *

13:47:20 CAM-1 questions... no question?

13:47:23 CAM-2 no questions.

13:47:58 CAM-1 all these airlines ya never see normally **BizJet.

13:48:01 CAM-? yeah.

13:48:04 CAM-1 is that a old Connie back there? behind those buildings?

13:48:07 CAM-2 aah, actually it's one of those L-1011s.

13:48:11 CAM-1 just behind this dirt pile here.

13:48:12 CAM-2 OK, yeah. ******

13:48:18 CAM-1 doesn't even have paint on it. twin tails right there. about two o'clock.

13:48:30 CAM-1 hold short of Zulu, see it right there, off to the right?

13:48:33 CAM-2 aah, I see a seven forty seven there.

13:48:36 CAM-1 He's real close to us, right behind us.

13:48:38 CAM-2 ***

13:48:39 CAM-1 the antenna's off to our right here by that building...it's kinda camouflaged.

13:48:47 CAM-2 oh this, this twin tailed thing here.

13:48:47 CAM-1 yeah.

13:48:48 CAM-2 oh, that's a uh, that's uh...

13:48:50 CAM-1 Connie?

13:48:51 CAM-2 a one, Connie one twenty one.

13:48:52 CAM-1 yeah.

13:48:53 CAM-2 son-of-a-gun. ***

13:49:44 CAM-1 *****

13:49:51 CAM-1 you want to test out the PA and talk to the people. um you can ask if, they hear or whatever you want. understood whatever you use for words.

1350:00 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

13:50:04 PA-2 ladies and gentlemen from the oockpit uh, we're on a hold right now for crossing traffic on the ground. ah, and we only anticipate maybe a five or ten minute ground delay here but uh, we are cleared to Atlanta just as soon as they can get us out through all the traffic here in Miami.

13:50:28 CAM-2 ***flying all of a sudden

13:52:38 CAM-1 which runway? its probably nine left. follow the Boeing

13:54:02 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

< 13:55:32 CAM-3 there's a women up. she wants to use the bathroom.

13:55:35 CAM-1 yeah, hurry.

13:55:39 CAM-2 did you say warm it up?

13:55:41 CAM-1 no, a women's using the restroom.

13:55:43 CAM-2 aah.

13:56:52 CAM-1 engine re-start check list.

13:57:00 CAM-2 [sound of cough] left pneumatics closed, right pneumatic is open, right air conditioning supply switch off. APU air is on. fuel pumps are on. ignition's on. before start check list complete.

13:57:11 CAM-1 ignition is on.

13:57:13 CAM-2 number two.

13:57:14 CAM-1 @, is she still up?

13:57:16 CAM-? yes *up

13:57:21 CAM-1 nobody else up from here on in.

13:57:24 CAM-2 oil pressure.

13:57:24 CAM-1 check.

13:57:33 CAM [sound of increasing frequency similar to generator increasing in RPM]

13:57:37 CAM-2 light's out.

13:57:39 CAM [beep sound similar to momentary power interruption to CVR]

13:57:41 CAM-1 sorry about that. I got carried away.

13:57:50 CAM-1 below the lines for re-start.

13:57:52 CAM-2 electrical panel?

13:57:53 CAM-1 is set.

13:57:54 CAM-2 APU air.

13:57:55 CAM-1 is off.

13:57:56 CAM-2 ignition?

13:57:57 CAM-1 is off.

13:57:57 CAM-2 ice protection number two engine?

13:57:59 CAM-1 is off.

13:58:00 CAM-2 air conditioning supply switches?

13:58:01 CAM-1 auto.

13:58:02 CAM-2 air conditoning auto shut off

13:58:03 CAM-1 armed.

13:58:04 CAM-2 re-start checklist complete.

13:58:26 CAM-2 [sound of coughing]

13:59:02 CAM-1 why don't you shut down the APU.

13:59:03 CAM-2 **

13:59:20 CAM-1 ***takeoff **left side. if we have to go back, we'll back it up with the ILS. if we have to abort, you'll tell the tower we're aborting.

13:59:26 CAM-2 OK.

13:59:27 CAM-1 altimeters?

13:59:31 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

13:59:40 CAM-1 once we get past WINC, I'll probably have to set Tallahassee on your side.

13:59:50 CAM-2 must be a big conference ***lurch***

1 yeah.

14:00:15 CAM 1 we're next up.

14:00:17 CAM 2 yeah.

14:00:28 CAM 2 ****

14:00:29 CAM-1 yeah.

14:00:38 CAM-2 that's gotta be frustrating for those, American guys, have to wait for the company to give them their takeoff data.

14:00:51 CAM-1 I'd kinda like to have that problem.

14:00:52 CAM-1 [sound of chuckle]

14:01:43 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

14:02:27 CAM-1 position and hold below the line.

14:02:30 PA-2 ladies and gentlemen, we've been cleared to the runway for departure. flight attendants please be seated.

14:02:42 CAM-2 anti-skid coming on?

14:02:43 CAM-1 yep.

14:02:46 CAM [sound similar to cockpit door being closed]

14:02:47 CAM-2 cockpit door is locked, ignition on, APU, is off, flight attendant signal is given, anti-skid is, armed, and TA, transponder is TA RA, pneumatic crossfeeds are closed

14:02:58 CAM-1 OK.

14:02:58 CAM-2 .... annunciator panel is checked, takeoff briefing is complete. flood and logo lights.

14:03:01 CAM-1 OK.

14:03:02 CAM-2 ****

14:03:31 CAM 1 **lights are on.

14:03:34 CAM [sound similar to engines increasing in RPM]

14:03:35 CAM-1 bleeds are closed.

14:03:39 CAM-1 set takeoff power.

14:03:42 CAM-2 power is set, we have ninety five, ninety four.

14:03:47 CAM [sound of clunks increasing in frequency similar to aircraft nose tire traveling over bumps in runway]

14:03:57 CAM-2 * hundred knots

14:03:58 CAM-1 check.

14:04:07 CAM-2 V one.

14:04:07 CAM-1 check

14:04:09 CAM-2 V r

14:04:15 CAM-2 positive rate.

14:04:15 CAM-1 gear up.

14:04:16 CAM-2 V two

14:04:20 CAM-2 five.

14:04:21 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer-in-motion indicator]

14:04:31 CAM-1 flaps up.

14:04:32 RDO-? afternoon departure critter five ninety two is out of five hundred going to five thousand.

14:04:36 Tower: critter five ninety two departure good afternoon radar contact climb and maintain seven thousand.

14:04:39 RDO-? seven thousand five nine two.

14:04:43 CAM-1 slats retract.

14:04:44 CAM- 14:04:46 CAM [Sound of click]

14:04:50 CAM [sound simliar to stabilizer-in-motion indicator]

14:05:05 CAM-2 following the Boeing straight ahead of us in a turn.

14:05:07 CAM-1 OK.

14:05:18 PA-3 and, ladies and gentlemen, captain Kubeck will turn off the fasten seat belt sign just as soon she feels it's safe for you to get up and move about the cabin. until that time, please remain comfortably seated) with your seat belts securely fastened. we also suggest for your safety that seatbelts be fastened even after the sign has been turned off. shortly we will begin our in flight service. we are pleased to offer you a variety of soft drinks, coffee, and juices. cocktails are available for three dollars. beer and wine are available for two dollars. as always, correct change is greatly, greatly appreciated for a complete listing of our complimentary beverages, they may be found on page five of our Good Times magazine. for now we just ask that you sit back and relax and enjoy your flight to Atlanta, Georgia.

14:05:44 Tower critter five ninety two turn left heading three six zero.

14:05:47 RDO-? three six zero five ninety two.

14:05:49 CAM-1 three six zero climb power, climb check.

14:05:56 CAM-2 power's set.

14:06:29 CAM-2 gears up and checked, flaps up, lights out, spoilers, is disarmed, the ignition is off, fuel pumps are set, air conditioning shutoff is override, hydraulic pumps off and low, flood and logo lights at ten, and altimeters at eighteen.

14:06:40 CAM-1 thank you.

14:06:42 CAM [sound similar to stabilizer-in-motion indicator]

14:06:49 Tower: critter five ninety two turn left heading three three zero.

14:06:55 RDO-1 three three zero five nine two

14:07:18 CAM-1 six for seven.

14:07:18 CAM-2 six for seven.

14:07:22 CAM-1 [tone similar to altitude alert signal]

14:07:22 Tower critter five ninety two turn left heading three zero zero join the winco transition climb and maintain one six thousand.

14:07:29 RDO-? three zero zero the heading join the wink at sixteen thousand critter five nine two

14:07:33 CAM-1 ****clear left

14:07:41 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

14:07:42 CAM-1 ***lets turn on the radar***

14:08:00 CAM-2 got something out there about eighty miles out.

14:08:02 CAM-1 OK.

14:08:03 CAM-2 that must be that thunderstorm.

14:08:08 CAM-1 there's a break here like ***

14:08:28 CAM-1 I'd hate to be in this thing at a hundred and eight thousand and in through this weather.

14:08:32 CAM-2 yeah.

14:09:18 CAM-2 [sound of cough]

< 14:09:32 CAM-1 no, they're OK for right now.

14:09:36 PA-2 flight attendants, departure check please.

14:09:44 CAM-1 we're *** turbulence

14:09:02 CAM [sound of click]

14:10:03 CAM [sound of chirp heard on cockpit area microphone channel with simultaneous beep on public address/interphone channel]

14:10:07 CAM-1 what was that?

14:10:08 CAM-2 I don't know.

14:10:12 CAM-1 *** ('bout to lose a bus?)

14:10:15 CAM-1 we got some electrical problem.

14:10:17 CAM-2 yeah.

14:10:18 CAM-2 that battery charger's kickin' in. ooh, we gotta.

14:10:20 CAM-1 we're losing everything.

14:10:21 Tower Critter five-nine-two, contact Miami center on one-thirty-two-forty-five, so long.

14:10:22 CAM-1 we need, we need to go back to Miami.

14:10:23 CAM [sounds of shouting from passenger cabin]

14:10:25 CAM-? fire, fire, fire, fire [from female voices in cabin]

14:10:27 CAM-? we're on fire, we're on fire. [from male voice]

14:10:28 CAM [sound of tone similar to landing gear warning horn for three seconds]

14:10:29 Tower Critter five-ninety-two contact Miami center, one-thirty-two-forty-five.

14:10:30 CAM-1 ** to Miami.

14:10:32 RDO-2 Uh, five-ninety-two needs immediate return to Miami.

14:10:35 Tower Critter five-ninety-two, uh, roger, turn left heading two-seven-zero. Descend and maintain seven-thousand.

14:10:36 CAM [sounds of shouting from passenger cabin subsides]

14:10:39 RDO-2 Two-seven-zero, seven-thousand, five-ninety-two.

14:10:41 Tower What kind of problem are you havin'?

14:10:42 CAM [sound of horn]

14:10:44 CAM-1 fire

14:10:46 RDO-2 Uh, smoke in the cockp ... smoke in the cabin.

14:10:47 Tower Roger.

14:10:49 CAM-1 what altitude?

14:10:49 CAM-2 seven thousand.

14:10:52 CAM [sound similar to cockpit door moving]

14:10:57 CAM [sound of six chimes similar to cabin service interphone]

14:10:58 CAM-3 OK, we need oxygen, we can't get oxygen back here.

14:11:00 INT [sound similar to microphone being keyed only on Interphone channel]

14:11:02 CAM-3 *ba*, is there a way we could test them? [sound of clearing her voice]

14:11:07 Tower Critter five-ninety-two, when able to turn left hea 14:11:08 CAM [sound of chimes similar to cabin service interphone]

14:11:10 CAM [sounds of shouting from passenger cabin]

14:11:11 RDO-2 Two-five-zero seven-thousand.

14:11:12 CAM-3 completely on fire.

14:11:14 CAM [sounds of shouting from passenger cabin subsides]

14:11:19 CAM-2 outta nine.

14:11:19 CAM [sound of intermittant horn]

14:11:21 CAM [sound similar to loud rushing air]

14:11:38 CAM-2 Critter five-ninety-two, we need the, uh, closest airport available ...

14:11:42 Tower Critter five-ninety-two, they're going to be standing by for you. You can plan runway one two to dolpin now.

14:11:45 one minute and twelve second interruption in CVR recording]

14:11:46 RDO-? Need radar vectors.

14:11:49 Tower critter five ninety two turn left heading one four zero 14:11:52 RDO-? one four zero

14:12:57 CAM [sound of tone similar to power interruption to CVR]

14:12:57 CAM [sound similar to loud rushing air]

14:12:57 ALL [sound of repeating tones similar to CVR self test signal start and continue]

14:12:58 Tower critter five ninety two contact miami approach on corrections no you you just keep my frequency

14:13:11 CAM [interruption of unknown duration in CVR recording] 14:13:15 CAM [sounds of repeating tones similar to recorder self-test signal starts and continues, rushing air.]

14:13:18 Tower critter five ninety two you can uh turn left heading one zero zero and join the runway one two localizer at miami

14:13:25: End of CVR recording.

14:13:27 Tower critter five ninety two descend and maintain three thousand

14:13:43 Tower critter five ninety two opa locka airports aout ah twelve o'clock at fifteen miles