Korean Airlines Flight 2033, an Airbus A300, was approaching a rain slicked airport that summer morning, when a conflict arose between the Captain of the airplane and his Co-Pilot.

The Co-pilot, Chung Chan Kuy, a Korean, asked Captain Barry Woods a Canadian, several times whether he wanted to “go around”. Apparently, the Co-pilot was concerned about the length of Runway 6. When the Captain told his Co-pilot not to “go around” the Co-pilot grabbed for the throttles. Woods told him to “get off.”

They were flying through a tropical storm with winds that were gusting up to 30mph. We pick up the CVR tape just as the runway comes into sight.

Co-pilot: Runway in sight, runway in sight.

Captain: I got it, I got it.

Co- Pilot: Okay. Right Side? Right?

Captain: Yeah….Okay. Give me the, uh, four hundred [feet]…three…minimum sink rate.

Co- pilot: Sink rate, sink rate.

Captain: Okay, Okay.

Co-pilot: One hundred [feet]. Speed?

Captain: Yeah, fifty [feet]

At this juncture, the Co-pilot decides that there is insufficient distance for the Airbus to land safely without crossing the end of the runway. The Co-pilot, when the aircraft is only 30 feet off the ground, decides to “go around” and pulls back on the yoke.

Co- pilot: Go around, forty [feet], thirty [feet]…

Captain: Get your hands…..Get off! Get off! Tell me what the altitude is. Twenty [feet] . get off.

Co-pilot: Go around?

Captain: No, no, ten, five [feet]

Here they touched down and the brakes and the thrust reversers were deployed, no matter. The Co-pilot still wanted to abort the landing and go around against the wishes of the Captain who was telling him not to go around but to brake the aircraft.

< Co- pilot: [I wanted to] go around…..go around.

Captain: Yeah but we were on…. we were on the runway. Why did you pull us off? Okay, okay. We got to get out of here. Open your window.

Cockpit[Sound of opening the cockpit window]

Captain: Get your [evacuation] slide. Why did you pull us off? We had full reverse on. Pull the fire handles. Pull ‘em.

Co-pilot: Fire pulls.

Captain: Okay, get out. Get out.



Miraculously, in spite of the airplane catching fire, the six member cabin crew got all of the 152 passengers off the airplane safely, with only a few minor injuries. The Pilot and Co-pilot exited through the cockpit windows. The Airbus was a total write off. Korean authorities contemplated bringing criminal charges against the Captain and the Co-pilot of the aircraft.