A McDonnell Douglas MD-80, on a test flight in 1982, crashes on landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California after landing with a high rate of descent. None of the 7 aboard were killed.

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Two Boeing 767-200s, one of United Airlines and one of American Airlines, impact the World Trade Centre towers in New York city in a massive attack by pro-Palestinians on the United States. (CNN)

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The Air France Airbus A320 impacted trees while performing a low altitude flyby at an airshow in France. 3 of the 137 passengers died in the accident. (TLC)

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In amateur footage taken by a passenger, we see a TACA Airlines Boeing 767 overrun the runway while landing on a wet runway at Guatemala City's La Aurora Airport. (TLC)

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The crew of this United DC-10 attempted an emergency landing after a complete hydraulic failure. 184 passengers survived the crash landing; 112 died. (TLC)

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A Piedmont Airlines (USAir) is forced to make an emergency landing with one if its main landing gear retracted. The aircraft slides to a stop on the North Carolina runway amid fire-trucks and foam.

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The plane, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767, was carrying 175 passengers and crew when it was hijacked between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. Flight 961 also had been scheduled to travel to three other cities. The plane crashed near a beach north of Moroni, capital of the Indian Ocean archipelago, and broke into two or three pieces, apparently while attempting an emergency landing. They ran out of fuel as the pilot was still negotiating with the hijackers at the time the plane hit the sea. At least 57 people survived the crash, including four American passengers. Many of the survivors were injured seriously, and islanders floated them to shore on pieces of wreckage or small boats.

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A British BAe Nimrod MR3 maritime patrol aircraft crashed into Lake Ontario Saturday while performing at an Canadian air show September 2, 1995. The plane was making a low-flying turn when it hit the water and broke apart, killing all seven crew members.

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