Pilotís recommended pre-flight check list

Designed for general aviation pilots but useful to any pilots.

IFR Checklist
A- Set altimeter to ATIS
H- Set Heading Indicator to compass
C- Comm #1 to approach control
C- Comm #2 to tower
N- Nav #1 on approach
N- Nav #2 on intersection/missed
D- DME on approach
A- ADF on approach
T- Timer set
M- Markers on/tested
M- Missed memorized
H- Verify final heading
A- Verify DH or MDA
Prelanding checklist
U-Undercarriage DOWN
M-Mixture RICH
H-Carb heat ON
I-Instruments NORMAL

Landing environment
-Approach lights ON
-Runway lights ON
-Landing lights ON

Planning "Do-Lists"
--For just about every phase of flight - including preflight.

Airports - Review in AFD, AOPA Diagrams, Approach plates, Departure Procedures, SIDS, STARS
Weather -
Options - (Go, NoGo, Go Elsewhere, Go another route)
Notams -
Route and altitude -

Airplane - Certified IFR for approaches, runway length, etc
Weight and Balance - .
Alternates - IFR alternate required (123 rule)? If so, which one...Plan - Plan and file...
Airways, Highways or Direct -

Especially flying IFR the NOTAMS are critical. There may be navaids that are INOP, approach minimums that have changed (FDC NOTAMs) and frequency changes. 

Briefing Checklists
Problems can be managed by anticipation of a situation's options.
--Flap position
--Mixture for density
--Fullest tank
--Trim set for climb out
--Instrument/annunciator check

--Abort plan
--Runway options
--Lift-off options
--Airspeed alive
--Acceleration to Vr
--Instruments green

Airborne Options
--Stop tires
--Gear up
--Climb positive
--gear load ammeter

Pre-Approach (5-A's)
--Approach speed

Crew Callouts
--localizer intercept or established
--Glideslope intercept or established
--Six T's

--Altitudes to minimums
--Clock position of runway
--Brake check

Approach (14 Items)
--Ident approach/set volume
--Set missed navaid
--Course and heading bug
--FAF altitude
--GS altitude at FAF
--Missed point/when to turn/where
--DA and minimum visibility
--VDP math
--No flags/gauges
--Cockpit secure
--Flaps and gear
--Prop, Power and airspeed

Missed approach
--Pitch and power
--Climb rate
--Flaps and gear
--When to turn
--Call missed