Pilotís recommended pre-flight check list

Designed for general aviation pilots but useful to any pilots.

1.  Is your medical certificate and type/class rating valid?
2.  Are you in current practice?
3.  Are your maps/charts up to date?
4.  Have the radio or navaid frequencies changed?
5.  Do you need to file a flight plan?
6.  Is your aircraft within weight/balance limits? (Refer to your flight manual)
7. Have you got the latest weather forecast for your route?
8. Have you checked the latest NOTAMS/Nav warnings?
9. Have you planned your route to avoid problems?
10. Have you sufficient fuel?
11. Where could you divert to?
12. What is your safety altitude?
13. Have you checked your performance figures for take off/landing? (Refer to your flight manual)
14. Is there any temporary restricted airspace? (Refer to Notams)
15. Is your aircraft serviceable?
16. Have you briefed your passengers?
For last-minute information on Temporary Restricted Airspace.

Before any low-level flight is undertaken, it is recommended that you should review the meteorology.

  • low-level significant weather charts;
  • forecast spot wind charts;
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs);
  • Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (METARs).