Howard DGA 15

The Howard Aircraft Corporation was established in January 1937, though Ben Howard was creating aircraft since 1923, with his first aeroplane being the DGA-1 (Damned Good Airplane #1). Later designs included the DGA-6 "Mister Mulligan", which won all three of the major U.S. air races in 1935. Direct developments of the DGA-6 led to the DGA-15, which in 1941 was ordered by the U.S. Navy for service in the general utility role under the designation GH-1. The GH-1s were used primarily as utility transports, but with the receipt of 131 GH-2s and 115 GH-3s, a number were used as air ambulances and named the Nightingale. 205 more examples were used by the Navy as NH-1 instrument trainers. With the outbreak of war, the USAAF commandeered 20 civil DGA-15s for use as light transport/communications aircraft, under the designation UC-70. These rugged and reliable aircraft were to remain in both U.S. Army and Navy service for several years.

Type:  light transport/communications aircraft
Crew:  4-5

Length:  25' 8" (7.82 m)
Height:  8' 5" (2.57 m)
Wingspan:  38' 0" (11.58 m)
Wing area:	210 sq. ft (19.51 sq. m)
Empty Weight:  2700 lb (1225 kg)
Max Weight:  4350 lb (1973 kg) max at takeoff

No. of Engines:  1
Powerplant:  Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior radial
Horsepower:  450 hp

Range:  1260 miles (2028 km)
Cruise Speed:  91 mph ( 307 km/h)
Max Speed:  201 mph ( 323 km/h) at 6000 ft
Ceiling:  21,500 ft (6555 m)