Aerospatiale Lama

In 1968, Sud-Aviation received a request of the Indian Air Force for a helicopter capable of operate in high altitude. Developed from the Alouette II, the Lama soon demonstrate its capabilities as a rescue and crane machine.

Differences between the Alouette II includes three tail rotor blades, forward U/C dampers and strike guard over T/R drive shaft

It was primarily built in India as HAL Cheetah and in Brazil as Helibras HB.315B Gaviao
June 21, 1972 :
A Lama reach major height for an helicopter: 12.442 m

First Flight : March 17, 1969

Engine: 1 * 870 hp Turbomeca Artouste IIIB
Speed: Max: 192 km/h
Rate of climb: 330 mt/min
Range: 500 km

Weight: Empty: 1020 kg -- Max: 2300 with sling
Rotor Span: 11 m
Length: 12.9 m
Height: 3 m
Disc Area: 95.38 m2