CH-47 Chinook

Developed as YCH-1 at the end of the 50s, the Chinook is the standard US Army and several more countries medium transport helicopter. It was also produced in Italy by Meriodionali SpA.

It has a loading ramp in the tail and is capable of carry large underslung loads.There is also a variant called MH-47 for the special forces.


Type: Medium Cargo
First Flight : CH-47A : Sep 21, 1961
Crew / Load: 2 up to 44

CH-47D :
Engines: 2 * 3750 shp Lycoming T55-712
Speed: 256 km/h -- Max: 291
Range: Ferry: 2020 km
Service Ceiling: 4570 m
Weight: Empty: 10475 kg -- Max: 22680
Rotor Span: 18.29 m
Length: 30.18 m
Height: 5.68 m
Disc Area: 525.34 m2