Mil Mi-26 Halo

First flight on December 14, 1977, the replacement of the Mi-6 Hook , is the biggest operational Helicopter of the World. Can carry up to 90 troops, a similar capacity of a Lockheed C-130 Hercules and it was the first to operate successfully with an 8 blades main rotor .
Variants include:
Mi-26MS : Medevac version
Mi-26TM : Flying crane
Mi-26TZ : Fuel tanker

Rotor diameter: 32 m
Disc Area: 804 m2
Length: 40 m
Height: 8.15 m
Weight: 28200 kg - Max: 56000

Engine: 2 Ioatarev D-136 of
11400 hp each
Speed: Max: 295 km/h
Range: 800 km
Service Ceiling: 4600 m