Sikorsky S-55

First World's certified commercial transport helicopter (1951)


The S-55 was also build with license in Great Britain by Westland as Whirlwind , in France by Sud-Est and in Japan by Mitsubishi.
The whole production reaches near 1300 units.

During their early years, the naval designation was HO4S and the variant of the US marines were the HRS-1 , HRS-2 and HRS-3 before the normalization to the H-19 family.
A later variant called S-55T was turbine powered with 1 * 840 hp AirResearch TSE-331

First Flight : November 10, 1949
Crew / Load: 2 up to 10 (Depending the mission)

UH-19B :
Engines: piston powered : 1 * 800 hp Wright R-1-300-3
Top Speed: 180 km/h
Cruise Speed: 146 km/h
Range: 579 km
Weight: Empty: 2381 kg -- Max: 3583
Rotor Span: 16.15 m
Length: 12.88 m
Height: 4.06 m
Disc Area: 204.95 m2