Sikorsky S-67

Other Variants:

S-61F : Experimental prototype to test high speeds : Reach 390 km/h in 1965

S-61 L / N : H-3 civilian versions (Large & Naval)

Designed from the S-61F and the S-66 project ( the Sikorsky's motion for the US Army 's 1965/6 AAFSS competition ) the BlackHawk was a Sikorsky 's private venture intended to replace the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne when that program was cancelled but it was not chosen by the US Army to participate in the new AAH competition.

The models chosen were the Hughes 77 (as the YAH-64) and the Bell 409 (YAH-63) so the S-67 was cancelled.

First Flight : Aug 27, 1970
Crew: 2 + 15
Engines: 2 x GE T58-GE-5 of 1500 shp each
Speed: Max: 311 km/h
Service Ceiling: 5180 m
Range: 354 km
Weight: Empty: 5681 kg -- Max: 11010
Rotor Span: 18.90 m
Length: 22.6 m
Height: 4.57 m