Bell 206,406,407 & 427

The legendary Bell 206B JetRanger III is simply the most successful commercial helicopter ever built. Flying in every type of climate from the artic to the jungles, to the hottest deserts of the worlds. The 206 has accepted, accomplished more missions, has flown more hours and has set (and broken) more industry records than any other aircraft in the world.

The Bell Model 206 was originally designed to meet the needs of the US Army LOH (Light Observation Helicopter) 1962 competition as the

YOH-4 . The 206 was defeated by the Hughes OH-6 but a much- modified derivative, the Bell 206A was commercially successful and later adopted by the US Navy as the TH-57 Sea Ranger for training purposes. In 1968, the 206A was selected as the "LOH 2nd Edition" winner and entered the US Army inventory as the OH-58A Kiowa.

After the successful of the 206B derivates in the 80s, Bell introduced in 1994 the Bell 407 a new light four-bladed single engine helicopter and the Bell 427, the twin engine variant, in 1995.

The US Army had continuously improved the Kiowa beginning with the OH-58C in the 80s, the AHIP Advanced Helicopter Improvement Program OH-58D which was the eyes of 90s Army and the last OH-58D Kiowa Warrior capable of fire hellfire missiles.

The Bell Ranger was built also by Agusta in Italy as the AB.206

July 22,1994: Speed flight record around the world. American Ron Bower on a Bell 206B JetRanger III flew the course taking 24 days to attain an average speed of 65.97 km/h

Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Functions: Utility / Observation / Trainer / VIP

First Flights :

Bell 206 LOH YOH-4 : 1963
Bell 206A  JetRanger : Jan 10, 1966
TH-57 / OH-58A: 1968
OH-58C : 1975
Bell 406 AHIP OH-58D : 1981
Bell 407 : 1994
Bell 427 : 1995

Crew / Load: 2 / 4

OH-58C :
Engines: 1 * 420 hp Allison T-63-A-720
Top Speed: 220 km/h
Range: Max.: 490 km
Ceiling: 5.760 m
Weight: Empty: 719 kg -- Max: 1451
Rotor Span: 10.77 m
Length: 12.49 m
Height: 2.91 m
Disc Area: 91.09 m2