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The Inertia Starter incorporates the following advantages: Minimum weight in proportion to the cranking torque capacity of the starter. High initial cranking speed thereby assuring delivery of fuel to the cylinders and permitting starting with a greater degree of spark advance. Flywheel acceleration independent of engine size, frictional torque and weather conditions, thereby assuring minimum current draw when electrically operated. Torque overload release, consisting of a multiple disc clutch under adjustable spring pressure, thereby preventing damage to the engine or starter in case of overload or engine back fire. Automatic disengagement of motor jaw with flywheel jaw when starter is hand operated, thereby permitting band cranking with motor shaft disengaged. Starter operation, independent of electrical system, by means of hand crank with no decrease in starter performance. Acceleration of flywheel by some external means, such as an external energizer, thereby providing a reduction in weight by elimination of the motor and at the same time providing starting by use of the hand crank in event of emergency. Provisions for complete remote control of starter from pilot's compartment when electrically operated by use of a solenoid meshing device and solenoid starting switch. Starters manufactured by Eclipse Aviation are available for operation from 12 or 24 volt battery systems.