cockpit voice recorders: transcripts
12.29.72 Eastern 401 L-1011: Crashed into the Everglades while holding due to a landing gear malfunction.
03.27.77 KLM4805/PA1736 Two 747-100s collided on the runway as the KLM aircraft took off without the appropriate clearance. 
09.25.78 PSA 182 B727-200: Crashed after a collision with a Cessna 172 while approaching San Diego.
11.28.78 Air New Zealand 901  DC-10-10: Crashed after collision with Mt. Erebus in Antarctica.  Controlled Flight into Terrain.
08.12.85 Japan Air 123 B747SR: Crashed after a failure in the rear pressure bulkhead caused a loss of hydraulics and control.
08.02.85 Delta 191 L-1011-385-1: Crashed while landing in Dallas after microburst induced windshear.
08.31.86 Aeromexico 498 DC-9-32: Crashed after collision with a Piper Archer, whose pilot had suffered a heart attack.
11.28.87 South African 295   B747-121: Crashed after an inflight fire over Mauritus
02.03.88 American 132 DC-9-82: The aircraft suffered an in-flight fire while landing at Nashville. The plane was safely evacuated.
04.28.88 Aloha 243 The aircraft suffered a structural failure resulting in a loss of 1/3 of the roof during cruise. Landed safely.
06.26.88 Air France 296 Airbus A320-211: Impacted trees after pilot's poor judgement in executing a low approach and subsequent failed recovery.
09.19.89 UTA 772 DC-10-30: Crashed after a bomb, placed aboard by Lybian terrorists, exploded.
05.26.91 Lauda Air 004 B767-300ER: Crashed after an uncommanded deployment of a thrust reverser during flight.
12.21.92 Martinair 495 DC-10-10: Crashed short of the runway after encountering microburst induced windshear.
11.04.93 China Airlines 605 B747-400: Overran runway 13 at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Intl. while landing in gale-force winds.
08.10.94 Korean Air 2033 Airbus A300: Overran the runway and crashed into a ravine after a disagreement between the pilots during landing.
09.08.94 USAir 427 737-300: Crashed on approach to Pittsburgh after uncommanded rudder deflection.
10.31.94 American Eagle 4184 ATR-72: Crashed after encountering clear ice conditions while holding for Chicago O'Hare.
12.13.94 American Eagle 3379 Jetstream 31: Crashed during an emergency landing attempt in Raleigh, NC.
02.16.95 ATI N728AL DC-8-62: Crashed on takeoff from Kansas City during an engine-out takeoff.
02.06.96 Birgenair 301 B757-200: Crashed on takeoff from the Dominican Republic after both airspeed indicators failed. Stalled and crashed into ocean.
05.11.96 ValuJet 592 DC-9-32: Crashed shortly after takeoff from Miami Intl Airport after an in-flight fire ignited by oxyg
10.19.96 Delta 554 MD-88: Crashed at LaGuardia Airport in New York after a low-visibility approach.  Contributing was windshear.
12.22.96 Airborne Express 827 DC-8-62: Crashed in West Virginia after a failed stall recovery attempt during flight testing.
08.07.97 Fine Air 101 DC-8-61: Crashed on takeoff from Miami after shifting cargo altered the center of gravity.
02.16.98 China Airlines 676 Airbus A300: Crashed while attempting a go-around at Tapei after a botched approach to 05L.
09.02.98 Swissair 111 MD-11: Crashed near Halifax, Nova Scotia after insulation ignited causing a fire.
06.01.99 American 1420 MD-82: Crashed while attempting to land in Little Rock, Arkansas, during a thunderstorm.
11.12.01 American 587 Airbus A300: Crashed on takeoff from Kennedy Airport after a mechanical failure.